Sift Heads World Act 2 Game

Sift Heads World Act 2 - Continuing the stylish action shooter adventure, one shot at a time

Thrilling, Killing and Blood Spilling

Is it just me, or does unrelenting violence and repeated slaughter seem more acceptable when it’s animated in a stick-figure style? Whether you feel this is the case or not really doesn’t matter at this or any point in the history or future of time because Games Free. CA will continue to go ahead and make such games anyway, and the Sift Heads series will go ahead and continue to exist indefinitely until such time the internet ceases to be, which is likely to be at roughly the end of space and time itself. Sadly for all you pacifists out there the second title in the series doesn’t exactly tone down the thrillin’ killin’ and blood spillin’; if anything, the situation has escalated dramatically. Assume command yet again of your choice of any of the three characters to this time begin in the streets of Tokyo to try and get the Yakuza off your back. It’s shooting in the first person like you’ve never played it before (unless you have, in which case please disregard these parentheses and this sentence).

No Time for Third Person

All of the excitement that I feel about the Sift Heads series is based almost entirely on its first-person-shooter format, which just so happens to be how the entire game is conducted. To ensure that the Yakuza don’t waste any members of your team, you must investigate various locations on your small overview map of Tokyo, which also doubles up as your home screen where you can visit various locations, go back to your hideout, visit the gun shop, take a plane to another country (once you have unlocked your destination location) and even purchase an entirely new look in the clothes shop. Though you can visit anywhere on the map, you will soon encounter missions that require you to investigate certain buildings and perform different tasks that mainly involve killing enemies but also some side-missions such as helping a street thief locate CCTV cameras with your binoculars and things of this ilk.

Shoot To Kill

All of the shooting/scouting action takes place as I previously describe in the first person. All actions required of you can be performed by using the space bar to raise your weapon and using the mouse to aim and shoot the enemy with a crosshair-guided sighting system. It’s everything that you would expect from a first-person shooter including bullet holes in the enemies’ heads and bodies remaining after you kill them. You can even blow enemies in half or remove parts of their heads if you purchase some better guns like the shotgun or Uzi. New weapons in this game also include a crossbow and an assault shotgun. Completing missions will earn you money to buy all these weapons, and with over 12 missions to complete in total, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to use them.

Act of Awesome

There really isn’t that much of a change between this game and its predecessor: the distinctive silhouette-draped, stick-figure artwork and animation is pretty much identical to the previous, with the only differences being the actual missions, some new weapons, and a new mini game to discover. Usually, this lack of change would be a point of criticism but the retaining of the identical style fits in perfectly with the fact that this is a second act that follows on from the first, and it even begins where the last left off. It’s not often a flash game gets the opportunity to split itself into acts, but this game has so much action and general brilliance that the more acts the better!