Sift Heads 1 Game

About Sift Heads 1

From the get go, you will know what game Sift Heads 1 game is, your opening screen consists of a wad of money, a gun and splatters of blood, with the warning M for mature in the bottom corner, so this game is a delightful time management game then .... Wrong! It is time to get down and dirty with Sift Heads.

If this is your first time, always go to the instructions and options on the first screen. In the instructions you will see the controls and in the options you can change some settings, including difficulty, auto reload, hints and tips and eventually where you can enter cheats.

The game is a first-person shooter, where you are trying to get the bad guys, in each stage you receive a mission, and you must pass this mission to move onto the next. On each mission you are shown its name, your objective, your weapon and a hint, which you should always look at.

The first mission is called the hit run and depicts a sunny beach scene, with some random folk and a hefty hummer; you will notice your ammo, how many clips you have and your life in the bottom right hand corner. Before long you will notice a random fella holding a briefcase walking over to the car.

If spy movies have taught us one thing, it is the man with the briefcase is always up to something! Therefore, there are no prizes, to guess who you have to shoot in Sift Heads 1, when you shoot him the hummer speeds away, and you move onto the next level. All levels are not as easy as this, and you will soon find that you have multiple targets to take out, and they will also be shooting at you.

Between levels you will notice the rather amusing stick men animation, which I would recommend you watch and not skip, mostly for extended game longevity, but also because parts of it are like watching the godfather, but with stick figures!

Hints and Tips.

This is a big hint, which may be constituted as cheating, so it is up to you if you use it. Right click on the screen and click zoom in, this way your targets appear much closer to you, and make them easier to pick off, however, this does take some of the fun out of the game, so maybe only do it for the harder levels.

Always follow the hint at the beginning of the level, if you do not, then you will soon find the game much too hard to complete.

The Tony and Morreli mission is the hardest on the game, watch out for the guy that tries to get Tony; you need to take him out quickly.


From the outset Sift Heads 1 game does not disappoint, for a relatively basic game, sift heads brings entertainment and an infatuating story mode to the table. It is not one that will have you entertained for hours, but one that needs to be played.

Once you have completed the 1st game, move onto Sift Heads 2, which features more explosive action with Vinnie