Sift Heads 2 Game

About Sift Heads 2

Sift heads are back with the second instalment in the sniper stickman series, so has the game improved or stood still? Let's take a look and find out.

Upon loading the game, you will realise the basics of the game remain the same; one thing you will realise is the music, which carries a rather good beat! On the main menu you will see an instruction menu which you should go to, just to get to know the games basics.

Upon starting Sift Heads 2 game, you will realise that this time you can visit different places. Now you can go to the gun shop, to buy guns, to Den's office to get your missions, or back to the main menu, on this page you will also notice your money in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Once again the game has some rather amusing cut scenes which you can choose to play or to skip, I would recommend watching them, as they make for an entertaining watch, and they also help you understand your mission and the game a bit more.

When starting enter the gun shop and buy the Berretta M92, mostly because it is the only gun you can buy with $500! Then go to Den's office. Den will give you each mission and tell you who you need to take out on each level.

You will come across different stages in the Sift Heads 2 game, firstly you will start out at the den, where your missions surround bounty hunting, secondly it is off to the port, where your missions are all about stealing cars, and last but not least onto Jim's room where the missions are about drug transactions. Do not let the titles fool you; all three are all about assassinations.

Hints and Tips

You can use the Beretta M92 for all of the den levels, save your money as much as possible, as you will need it later on, especially for Jim's room missions, where you may need to buy the sniper and the shotgun, which can be costly.

Always look and follow the pre mission hints, in the top left hand corner, you will find the levels a lot easier if you do this.

On the mission light city, you need to shoot the billboard to divert the light off of your target, when you have done this, you will be able to see you target appear from the lift and then it is an easy shot to take him out.

After finishing the last level, you will be shown what appears to be a cut scene, but stay on guard as, in fact, it is another mission and you will need to have quick reactions to deal with what happens.


The second in the series of Sift Shooting games, has been much improve from the first, the general longevity of the game has increased, as well as the missions, some of them are extremely tough and require a lot of thought, and this makes the second in the series much improved from the first, and an enjoyable game to play.

Once you have completed all the assassination mission in the second game move on to Sift Heads 3 game.