Sift Heads 3 Game

About Sift Heads 3

Sift Heads are back with the next instalment in the series, this time the mob is out to get us, (Vinnie) but how has the game developed from previous sift games?

Well from the start we can see that the game has taken the same precedence as its predecessors, violence, gore and all round fun! However, existing players will realise that the game has taken a different turn, now instead of a first-person shooter, the game has turned into a third person beat em up game.

The gangsters have attacked Vinnie's house trying to take him out, but have failed and he has escaped, and now wants his revenge, so your task is to go to the gangsters' hideaway and take out all of the goons.

When you start the sift heads 3 game you can choose from one of three difficulties, easy, medium, and hard and you start at chapter one and develop through to different chapters until completion.

You start with a basic tutorial, which all new players should follow to get to grips with the game, as the previous games will not help you with this one. You will soon find out what the directional buttons are, W is to jump, A directs your character left, S is block, Q changes weapon, E reloads, and D to go right. Your other control is the left click of your mouse to attack, or click multiple times for a combination attack.

Sift Heads 3 game goes to and from the playable mode and flash movies. These flash movies are interactive, so you have to stay on your toes at all times. The first example of this comes when Vinnie is in the lift. This is extremely tough, and it is not predictable as the buttons change from time to time; therefore, it is all about your reaction times.

The story mode, unlike other games in Sift Heads genre is, in fact, incredibly good. Many gamers will reach for the skip button when a game goes to its cut scenes, but Sift Heads does not slack on them, and in my opinion makes the game highly entertaining.

Hints and Tips

Blocking is essential; however, it is not hard as most characters attack in a rhythm. If you attack them without defending, you do not stand a chance. Also, blocking does not stop damage it just limits it, be careful.

If you have extremely low health then jump past your opponents, to find life; however, you will need to go back and get some of them, otherwise Vinnie will not go any further, but this tip can be especially handy when you need some additional life.

Jumping is the way to avoid attacks, if you jump at the right time you can avoid the attack completely.


The development from first-person shooter to a third person beat em up has gone smoothly for Sift Heads. The game is immensely playable and extremely addictive and one I would recommend you give a go, especially if you are an existing Sift Heads player.

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