Sift Heads 4 Game

About Sift Heads 4

Sift heads are back with the latest instalment in the popular series. However, with the major developments from sift heads 3, how has the latest instalment gone about making sure players are as entertained as they were for the first three?

Well when you start you will realise a globe with a lot of red dots around, these are your missions and their locations. It is up to you where you start; however, I would recommend starting in France, simply because it is the first one you will see, and it is probably the easiest spot to start.

When you click on the country in the Sift Heads 4 game, you are shown your missions, however, you can only see the first mission per country, and as you pass through the missions you unlock the next one. You are given the location, your mission briefing and your cash reward. When you click through to access the missions, you get to purchase your gun, and then it is off to your assignation.

The mission briefings are slightly cryptic, and this is where the fun comes in, taking somebody out with a big target on their head is fun, but not hard. Sift Heads 4 makes it challenging, for example, your first mission (if you start in France) is to take out a lawyer on a beach, however, there are several people on the beach. Your giveaway is the fact he is on a laptop, which you can barely see. This might not sound hard, but it is, it is only because I have told you that it is not!

One development that Sift Heads 3 fanatics will realise is the change back from a third person beat em up, to a first-person shooter. The first two games had the same precedence as this game, and the third game changed dramatically. Developers obviously thought that the first two games got a better reaction, and therefore, changed back to the original.

Hints and Tips

A lot of the missions require patience, be careful and think about what the mission briefing says.

Think about the gun you buy in relevance to the mission itself, a Berretta is not going to be precise enough for a snipping mission.

Mission Walkthrough

  • Slippery Slope: This is a tough one, when the person comes round the corner and reads the sign shoot the sign. He will then fall off and then you have to shoot the crack in the mountain.
  • Five Star Resort: Shoot the two drinks out of the surrounding goons hands, wait for them to exit and take out the remaining mobster.
  • Drowning In Ipanema: Try to spot the guy in the water who moves ever so slightly, I could tell you who it is, but that would be too easy! This will require some trial and error, but you will soon get it, the only hint you are getting is he is in the water.


The development back from a third person beat em up to a first-person shooter has gone smoothly again ? The missions remain exciting in Sift Heads 4, and keep the players interest, this is because they are not too easy, some of the briefings are cryptic and allow the player to get drawn into the game, without doing anything.

Why stop at the 4th edition when Sift Heads 5 offers even more exciting and frantic action!